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Crocheted slippers



Use any yarn in any colour (perhaps not a very think or a very thin yarn) and a matching hook.

If you want your slipper to be striped you should change colour after each round.


I'm using US crocheting terms. The stitch is double crochet (US) or treble (UK) (instructions). Also, this is the measurments I've used on the slipper that fits my foot. When you make the slipper, try it on often to make sure it fits your foot too. Perhaps you should do both slippers at the same time to make sure they are identical.


Sole of slipper

Measure your foot and subtract the width of the foot from the length of the foot and make a base chain of that length (from point 1 to 2, see the picture).

Round 1:

Make three additional chain stitches and double crochet along the whole chain starting in the forth stitch from the hook. Double crochet eight times in the last stitch (point 1, see the picture) and continue on the other side of the chain all the way back. Double crochet seven times in the first chain (point 2, see the picture) and join with 1 slip stitch.

Round 2:

Make 3 chain stitches and continue to double crochet. You have to increase at four points (A, B, C and D, see picture) to make the sole square. Do that by double crocheting three times in a single stitch twice at every point. Join with a slip stitch at the end of the row.

Round 3 and after:

Same as row 2.

Continue until the sole fits your foot. Stop increasing and double crochet until the slipper is ca 2,5 cm high. Fasten off.

The TOP of the SLIPPER

Top of slipper

Round 1:

Find the centre point of the slippers short end (point 3, see picture). Make a slip stitch ca 3,5 cm on the right side of that point. Double crochet along the short end of the slipper past point 3 and make just as many stitches on the other side of point 3. End with a slip stitch and bind off.

Round 2:

Make a slip stitch on the right side as far away from round 1 as the height of a double crochet. Increase by making two double crochets in one stitch at the beginning and the end. End as in round 1.

Round 3 and after:

Continue as in round 2, but stop increasing when the width measures ca 10,5 cm. You should end when the length of the slipper top measures ca 7 cm from point 4 to 5. Bind off.

The last thing to do is to single crochet (instructions) around the slipper. To make it stay on better, make it tight.

If you have a problem or a question, feel free to mail me and I'll do my best to help. The adress is at the bottom of the page


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